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Mango Moon

Intimate Boutique Hotel

"Indulge your senses."

Behind every person there is a story and knowing the tale allows a connection with each other and discovery of ourselves.

This is our story... We searched to find the essence of identifying who we are and what we wanted to project in our lives. We knew that life is what you make of it and we wanted to live our life to the fullest. When we first took on the task of buying a hotel in Costa Rica our visions were merely dreams. Those dreams soon became a reality and Mango Moon our abode. Quicker than we could have ever imagined we started an incredible journey filled with passion and desire to create an ambiance in which we ourselves would want to be in, after all the "job" as some would call it, is actually now our life. In doing so we discovered that we wanted an intimate personal feel with a touch of funky cool that affected all of the five senses. Vision, sound, scent, taste, and touch... Welcome to Mango Moon Intimate Boutique Hotel... where all your senses will be awakened and your presence our inspiration.

Two photos, Brian and Rebecca, Donna and Rebecca

Twelve years ago Brian & Donna met in New Jersey while Brian was on tour with Creed. Besides the common interest of music, they soon discovered many other similarities that provided a bonding relationship. With the love of nature, wildlife, and their shared passion for fishing and the outdoors, they took a chance. In February of 2008 they made an obvious choice and moved with their pets to Costa Rica and made Mango Moon their new abode. Although Brian is often busy touring with Alterbridge or Creed, he frequently makes his way home to be with his wife for a change of latitude and love.